by Houndify
Our Speech-to-Meaning engine delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy, while our Deep Meaning Understanding technology allows users to ask multiple questions and filter results all at once. With custom wake words and custom domains, you maintain your brand and you keep your customers. It’s that simple.
A smart, adorable robot for the home designed to have personality, awareness, and mobility. With four microphones and Houndify integration, Kuri listens and responds to voice commands quickly and accurately.
Hyundai is launching a voice-enabled, AI-equipped car powered by Houndify. Drivers in equipped vehicles will be able to use the cars’ Intelligent Personal Agent system, which will proactively predict their needs and control car functions -- a first in the automotive world.
Small in stature, but not in capability, RoBoHon brings the smartphone to life, controlled primarily by voice, powered by Houndify. He’ll read messages, and send a dictated reply. He’ll help snap a selfie or take group photos, and even display media and images onto walls or other surfaces.
With the most realistic try-on capability in the beauty industry, ModiFace’s augmented reality (AR) mirror software enables brands and customers to control their experience using Houndify’s voice platform.
With video chat, smart home control, health management, and voice interaction powered by Houndify, LQ-101 will become a welcome part of the family.
Put down your phone and make the road your only focus. OverDryve™ is the connected car system that allows you to talk, text, navigate, and more—all with just the sound of your voice.
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